Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Do You Know What It Feels Like Now?

It feels like a cancer has left my body, a cancer that was slowly, painfully killing me for years and years. That's what if feels like to be fully FREE from my misguided FOO (family of origin).

Simply sacrificing my previous beloved blogs (which took a lot out of me, I must admit), and creating this one.... and all of a sudden I feel like I can take-or-leave alcohol! It feels like it's lost it's power over me. It feels like abstaining from drinking for 30 days (Day 3 today) is going to be a piece of cake! It feels like I won't even be counting days except for fun and pride! I wonder if these feelings will be my new norm?!

What?!  

Until yesterday, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get a consistent hold on my drinking---ever since I invited my FOO back into my life over a year ago.

No wonder The 30-Day Sobriety Solution says that alcohol is not the problem, it's a symptom.

It was love and abuse in the same package with those people, and I fought my whole life to bring truth, communication, and healing with them, and so no wonder it took me until the ripe old age of 59 to get to this place today. They know what they need to do to if they want us back in their lives.

And, listening to Matt Kahn's latest yesterday was the catalyst for the happiness: The Most Important Spiritual Decision

It's feeling a bit precarious truly letting my guard down though, but I took great precautions to insure that they will never find me or even know about this blog. I slept like a baby last night. I had very interesting dreams!