Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I am participating in the Writing Contest!: Writers Crushing Doubt. Hosted by Positive Writer

What?? Me?!  Who woulda thunk it!

Positive Writer - Crushing Writer's Doubt

My entry:

I had recently quit drinking! Overcoming writer's doubt was a necessity, I think, to keep my inner booze hound at bay; after all, I was teetotaling it on my own this time, without help from a recovery group! The more I wrote my memoir, the more confidence I felt to keep writing that entire year of 2012. When I decided that my 55th birthday gift to myself that January was permanent sobriety, 1 1/2 months later I became nearly suicidally depressed until I started writing my heart-wrenching memoir. I'm not even sure how or why that idea to write popped into my mind instead of the idea to take-up the bottle again.

Oh wait, of course I remember why---I was writing to save my life. Not just from boozing, but from the bigger reason, which was my unfortunate abusive FOO (family of origin).

But I need to think deeper. What in the world finally got that life-long writer's doubt (WD) to not get in my way anymore? I clearly remember WD rearing it's Purpose-sucking head countless times that year, not unlike it's doing right now as I write this blog post for a writing contest! 

What was it? What was it?.... Think, girl, think. How did I DO it?! What finally freed me to write the book I'd been dreaming of writing my entire adult life?

Oh. Desperation.

Well, it worked. The mother of invention worked. Tried and true for centuries, no?

It's not something I would recommend to other writers, however! "Crush writer's doubt by becoming desperate!" HaHa. Or, "Crush writer's doubt by writing your heart out to keep from drinking!" Or how about, "Crush writer's doubt by writing to stay alive!"

Hm. My favorite way has to be what this meme says:

Uh Oh! I swear I'm not trying to kiss-up to win this contest! I swear I didn't even remember that this meme came from the Positive Writer e-newsletter, because that was way back in December 2014, I see. I simply love this thought, which is why I saved this image in my Writing folder, and which is why it's message popped into mind just now. If anything, this possibly being viewed as a bribe will prevent me from winning the contest! I Don't Mind. :)  Telling the truth, trusting my intuition, and following my blog-writing-way bliss is what makes my heart sing!

The more authentic I am as a writer? The more I "crush" WD!

I'm So Grateful to be actually entering my first writing contest ever (if memory serves), and to be required to do so through my beloved blog! Thank You, Bryan Hutchinson!

May You Be Blessed 