Monday, May 30, 2016

I Threw Away A Bunch Of See's Chocolates This Morning!

WELL, it's like this!---Yesterday Bethany and I drove to the mall, per my request, to get some See's! Yum Yum! Lovely treat and reward for surviving the slip and getting back on track into sobriety! I also figure I should allow myself to have See's as often as I want these first 30 days if it helps me to not drink! You know, within reason so I don't gain weight!

I hand-picked the chocolatey morsels for my half-pound box. Bethany picked out a couple of pieces for herself, and I picked out some for Anna and Richard. It All Felt So Good! We were all smiles. 

OK, knowing I wouldn't drink, I just had to continue watching the Netflix series "Bloodline" even though it was mainly what triggered me to drink when I had my slip! Regardless, it's a good series! Funny how I ended up binge-watching Bloodline and binge-eating See's candy!

I woke up this morning with the fear-thought like a banner in my brain, "PREDIABETES!" and rather impulsively, but with purpose, opened my nightstand drawer, removed the box with several pieces of delectable sweets left in it---like Bordeauxs, and butter creams---and eagerly tossed the whole thing into the garbage can! No, I didn't want to give them to my loves; refined sugar really isn't anyone's friend, you know.

(BTW, as a rule I eat organic, non-GMO foods.)

I'm rationally assuming that prediabetes is a real threat to someone like me who sits for a living (not by choice!), and who is a bit overweight, and who consumed so much alcohol the past few years, and who is 59, and who has thyroid issues among other things!

I have been avoiding things like sugar and refined carbs for a long time for health reasons. I go easy on them in general. .....I need to get back to consuming more veggies though!

I'll probably be sticking with small amounts of 72+% cacao dark chocolate like organic Endangered Species brand. It's delicious! It's good for you! And it hits the spot and appeases the sweet tooth!

I'm so proud of myself right now!