Thursday, May 12, 2016

Inspired By Grace And Frankie

Best damn Netflix series ever!

Made me wish I was imbibing last night when I watched the happy duo, Frankie the pot-head and Grace the lush! You know, like I did last season! But mostly, I'm enjoying my self-imposed-30-day-rehab-at-home! (It's really more of a reboot!) I do miss drinking and cannabis, I must admit, but not that much! And I look forward to giving it a go again anytime after June 6th! Only, this time, I intend on starting with med weed and training myself to prefer it over booze!

Oh gosh, and I do mean sporadic use! It's just the way I'm made. I've always preferred being substance-free over imbibing.... you know, ever since I discovered that sex is better without booze.... you know.... back when I used to have sex with someone other than myself! But I've never had a problem with pot, and that's why I want it to be my substance of choice. I wonder if that's possible?

And my drinking problem was pretty bad, but it wasn't as bad as most, I suppose. But it's not about comparing. It's about what's best and worst for me. And what makes me happier and what makes me ultimately sadder.

Gawd how I loved that scene last night when Frankie was getting high at the DMV! I would have been belly laughing watching that scene instead of chuckling if I was high too! Just sayin'!

Gawd I love those old broads! I'm almost one of them! Maybe I am one of them due to my illness! Maybe my biological age is 70! (I'm 59)

Gawd I love their self-confidence and their freedom! Gawd I love their love of life and fun-loving spirits!

Gawd I love how FUNNY they are! Gawd how I envy their energy!

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