Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Post At The 30-Day Forum This Morning

Day 15

Well, now I get to do Visualization for teetotaling!

When I posted the post above three months ago, I was still focused on moderating my drinking.

How things change!

I posted in Day 14 yesterday that I had slipped on Day 13 and drank after 12 days of being alcohol-free (and cannabis-free, but that's another story; I seem to only like cannabis when I'm drinking).

I wanted to simply pick up where I left off and not start the program over again (this is my second time, the first time I got as far as Day 24 in the book and I was still drinking, but not while working the program).

I'm taking extra steps to insure that I get 30 days in a row of abstinence in order to rewire my brain. And then I'll continue as a teetotaler.

My two daughters, in their early 20s, who live with me are policing my car keys, for one thing! :)

Day 13s overwhelming cravings completely blindsided me and I'm scared about when they hit again; it's like I become possessed, and it's really, really hard to endure.

I know I have two minds: the non-drinker and the drinker; two completely different minds.

The Visualization video was cool! I loved imagining blasting my drinking self to a million pieces!

That might work better for me than cradling her in my arms and saturating her with love--healing her with Love. We shall see...