Sunday, May 22, 2016

Still Dazed And Amazed !

And still in shock too!, over my metamorphosis!
Gosh, it wasn't an easy or smooth one, and lots of factors were in play to create this transition, but DAMN how freakin' GOOD it feels to be FREE from alcohol and FOO+ !
And how I probably couldn't have even thought to free myself from alcohol again had I not chosen orphanhood.

I never did explain the part of the story of how I ended up choosing quitting drinking for good; the the dumb things I did, did I! I've lost interest in telling that story. :)  I'm more interested in the Divine Healing part of it!...

Like How I Haven't Had A Craving Or A Desire Or A Thought To Drink In 8 Days!!!

Now That's SOMETHIN'!

"And you can too!" ~ Stephen Colbert

I guess also, when it comes to booze, I'm the all-or-nothing type, which is why I couldn't do the 30-Day Reboot (quit drinking for 30 days) to figure out if I should cut-back or quit drinking, but had to quit drinking altogether cold-turkey. Did I word that so it makes sense?