Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What A Powerful Mental/Emotional Healing

Here's that infamous post from early February on my now retired Jaya blog:

Never in a million years would I have expected to recover from that strong point of view and attitude, heal from CultAAs influence, and freely and easily be able to do an Abs-30 with absolutely no lingering affect from them (and no slips, GodGoddessUniverse willing!). Maybe I'm Completely Healed/Completely Deprogrammed From Cult AA! (At my Jaya blog in the right margin are two links to very significant websites against CultAA and how they have caused more harm than good. They are the second most powerful reason I ended up with the drinking problem I had. The first reason is my FOO.

It's not about blame, people, it's about identifying and acknowledging the truth. How can you heal a problem if you can't see it? And that includes getting ANGRY.

"We are told"..."that until we forgive we will never heal. We forget that forgiveness is a grieving process that often includes the expression and release of negative emotions, especially disappointment and anger. It's no use trying to avoid these painful feelings. Forgiveness that is insincere, forced, or premature can be more psychologically damaging than authentic bitterness and rage." ~ Sharon Salzberg.