Thursday, June 23, 2016

Boy Though, Am I Getting Beat Up In These First 30 Days!

After Sunday I will have completed a consistent first 30 days of teetotaling! Woot!
It's been a long time coming, and I'm still so surprised that I've chosen this for sobriety! I swore up and down that I'd never stop drinking again because I loved it, had success as a moderate drinker (also can be defined as sobriety), and was determined to achieve consistent moderate drinking! I believed this so strongly I even created that blog about it. Yup, it's funny believing in things that aren't true, but I digress.

I have to say that it was very hard and very scary to quit drinking again. It had been such a long time---2012---when I was off booze for a year. I called myself a Permanent Sobrietist because that was the decision and commitment I had made. I didn't expect to alter my choice about that label and try to become a sobrietist who drinks moderately. But I digress.

I really didn't know how I was going to be able to stop drinking this time. I was in so much fear and powerlessness---the addiction had become too powerful---surprising the hell out of me because I didn't even know I had an addiction to alcohol! (can you say denial?) But somehow the mind-shift happened and I was miraculously on my way. Had the one-day disastrous slip and started over---but now am approaching the end of the 30-Day-Reboot which re-wires the brain. (link in right margin) Hoooray! But I digress.

OK, since quitting drinking all these things have happened to me!:

Much More Fatigue (I trust it's temporary)
Extra Muscle Weakness And Stiffness (ditto to above)
Feeling Very Dizzy And Off-Balance (more dittoness!)
Sensitivity And Pain In My Gums Since Getting A New Bridge on May 19th
A Bout Of Severe Tailbone Pain
A Bout Of Severe Rib Pain
A Bad Burn On My Arm From A 400-Degree Oven Door!

That last one, that happened yesterday, has a cool Structured Water story to go with it!!

So, I've been hit on all sides, I'd say, making being alcohol-free more challenging, I must say!


The SW story with pics! I somehow made contact with the 400-degree metal when I was putting my semi-thawed flimsy frozen pizza (gluten-free, Trader Joe's) into the scorching oven, the pizza slipping and falling onto the oven floor and door making a sizzling hot mess. Of course I yelped in pain and angst. My daughter called out from behind the partition in the make-shift office in our living room, "What happened?" I whimpered out, "I don't know!" I couldn't deal with it due to the paralyzing fatigue, turned off the oven, left the mess, and went to my room, slamming the door behind me (oops). My loving daughter cleaned up the mess for me. 

I so totally needed a nap and was desperate for it. But the pain was too great on my arm. The burn wasn't visible yet because it hadn't emerged to the surface. I had no idea how bad it was and thought it was just going to be a small line.

All I could do was prop myself up in bed to ride-out the pain while treating the burn with Structured Water, which I thought would be very brief like with other minor cooking burns. I grabbed my mini cobalt blue spritzing bottle on my nightstand and spritzed the area with Structured Water. Of course, that instantly took away all the pain. What ensued over the next several hours was my spritzing the burn, now quite visible and quite large, every one or two minutes to keep it wet. That's because as soon as the area dried it burned really bad.

Here's what it looked like several hours later after consistent spritzing with SW. And it was now pain-free:

I LOVE STRUCTURED WATER!!!! (see "My Gig" in right margin)

It makes sense when you think about it. What is a burn but severe dehydration? Structured Water hydrates and heals!

Truth be told, SW is probably the main reason I woke up from my addiction. Drinking it and showering in it (the past two years) is transformative.