Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bye Bye Bernie's Birdie :'(

Well, this morning, courtesy of Tom Sawyer:

Also, why do I have a sick feeling that Hillary stole California by being behind what the AP did Monday night? I can't prove it, but by the AP and NBC releasing---the night before the California election---that sneakily come by information that she won the needed delegates, it probably discouraged too many people from going to the polls to vote for Bernie. Even I might not have gone out to vote if I hadn't voted by mail. I was feeling that sad and discouraged and defeated. Of course she might have won California anyway, but not necessarily.

Anyone who really pays attention to our corrupt political system, AND watches "House of Cards" can't not be a conspiracy theorist to a certain degree.

That being said, I will stand behind Hillary to beat Drumpf (Trump's real ancestral name), and I am also very proud that Women finally broke the glass ceiling. I just wish our first ever woman president (should she win, which I pray she does) could have been someone who makes me feel good, someone I fully trust, someone who is as righteous and honest as Bernie Sanders, like Elizabeth Warren.