Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Completed The 30-Day Sobriety Program !

Yesterday was Day 30 for me in the program, which means I completed it! (link in right margin)

It also means today is Day 18 of consistent abstinence since I drank on Day 13.

And that's the positive and cool thing about this progressive, healing program; you don't have to start over if you slip or relapse. They recognize that slipping doesn't undo all your hard work and previous sobriety (unlike CultAA, but just see my retired drinking blog for all the dirt on them).

But even though I'm choosing permanent teetotalism, I'm still counting until I have been alcohol-free for 30 days, and that is because it takes that long to rewire the brain. So Important! People in the program that choose to cut-back on their drinking need to do the 30-Day-Reboot as well.

GOD I feel good!!!  

 And I can't say enough good things about this program that you do from the comfort of your own home at your own pace. Some people work through the book over a 90 day period, type thing. Actually, I first started it back in January, but I was taking my time with it, and I was still drinking, thinking I could, thinking I didn't have to do the Reboot to become my then-plan of being a moderate drinker!

The disastrous drinking I did back on Day 13 was a gift in disguise because it Woke Me Up ALL the way and anchored my sobriety.

"And so can you!" 

I  Sobriety!