Monday, June 20, 2016

My Email To A Friend: Just Live Your Life, Buddy ! : )

  You are doing GREAT! You are making good choices consistently and you are living your life to the fullest and you know what's best for you! And so am I and I say it's time to stop nit-picking everything we put in and on our bodies! I'm so sick of living like that and sucking the fun out of living! Jesus! I'm going to do my best to can all the lectures and advice! I've been thinking about this in my new sobriety, because even for myself it's like ridiculous to... it's like living in fear all the time, you know!? Living in fear of food and sunscreen and whatever! It's no way to live I tell ya! I'm making a change in my thinking and I'm focusing on just allowing things to be. And to Simply Listen To My Body instead! I'm not even going to tell people about Structured Water anymore unless they ask. OMG it's like I can BREATHE easier already due to these very thoughts! We all need to CHILLAX, breathe, smile, enjoy all things, bless all things, and just naturally and gently tweak our way of life for ourselves as we grow along! Amen? 😇