Saturday, June 11, 2016

Oh! This Is Why I Had Night Sweats For Quite A While Recently! (It's Not What You Think!)

Anah Maa

  And it also explains why they mysteriously stopped over a week ago! In other words, if it was menopause or hormones, I don't think it would have suddenly stopped after just as mysteriously starting several months ago---cuz I'm still only 59! And menopausal night sweats and hot flashes last for years! It's not because of stopping drinking, otherwise it would have happened when I stopped drinking before my one-time slip!

   I'm no stranger to many of the Symptoms of Ascension! Woot! But guess what? The truth is I have No Clue what Ascension is, even though I've heard a lot about it and been a spiritual seeker for many years. I truly don't know what the hell it means exactly or what it is! But I Like That About Me!

On another note, something POWERFUL I transcribed from Anah Maa. It's from this FREE replay, and don't worry, it has a happy ending! (not sure how long the recording will be available):

"The truth is that no matter how many challenges we suffer, no matter how dark our days, no matter how defiled or bad we may feel about ourselves, our souls, our spirit, our life purpose has never, can never, be broken, marred or stolen."  

"Regarding media---turn it off. It's an addiction. They want you... they submit bad messages, subliminal messaging and make you literally addicted to it. They make you Feel like you have to get the news. They make you Feel like you want to turn the TV on. It's conditioning, it's programming, done by the greatest scientists, the greatest minds. It's like a casino, you know, you think you're gonna go in there and win---it's stacked against you. You think you can watch TV and be OK---it's stacked against you. They know how to enter the subconscious, they know how to program---using vibration, sound, and light. They actually entrain your brain to crave, desire, want TV (/Internet/Smart Phones). 

"....And they're going to continue to measure you against everyone else and you're always going to come up unworthy. They don't know anything about you and they have no intention of helping you find you (the "programmers"). They want you to be a consumer, they want you to be asleep, they want you to be in fear, they want you to be minimalized, they want you to feel powerless, they want you to feel disconnected, disenfranchised, they want you on their cellular devices and they want you to be a consumer. So once they have you that's mission accomplished. Then you're not involved in what's Truly going on. So the idea is to disconnect from the Lies, and go in search of the inner truth. 

"This is a very manipulative world, and we've been hijacked. They literally download viruses into your mind, into your being.

"If you drive around you'll see cell towers where there shouldn't be cell towers. This is because they understand that everything is energy. And so to combat that---disconnect from that grid. So, protect your vibration and your consciousness by creating a beautiful sanctuary within yourself in your own home. And then practice being in that sanctuary and that safe place, that sacred place. Recharge your battery, realign with your truth, be supported, connect with Source. And then when you come back out, when you have to go out into the world, when you have to use a cellular device or a computer and you have to be around that matrix, you don't go back into the matrix. You skim outside of it and you see it for the matrix that it is. You see it for the lower-frequency energy that it is, and it doesn't touch you, it doesn't draw you in, it doesn't trap you, it doesn't hurt you, it doesn't bother you. Because your vibration becomes so much lighter. You radiate light, you embody light, you hold light---the vibration of Light is So Pure that nothing can damage it---and you begin to see it for the play that it is. Rather than right or wrong, good or evil, light and dark---you begin to see it as the function of earth. And you see people learning, and evolving, and experiencing, and growing, and having the challenges they signed up for.

"You cannot truly love unless and until you love yourself unconditionally."


If you managed to read and resonate with that, you may already be Ascended!

This is why, more and more, no matter what I'm watching or listening to or if on Facebook, etc., no matter how much I think I want to watch/listen/read --- I am paying attention to how I am feeling in my body and mind, and if there is any stress or discordant thoughts or feelings --- OFF it goes and OFF I go! Then I decompress by going within and getting still until peace and groundedness returns. Which happens faster and faster with practice. Or I listen to a spiritual teacher or music or read or write. Or nap!