Friday, June 10, 2016

Rocking Sobriety!

"And so can you!"


Which has nothing to do with sobriety, but I just love that funny line!

However, anyone can ROCK SOBRIETY! Trust Me On This!

It's Day 14 since I had that disastrous, sobriety-anchoring one-time slip on my previous Day 13 of teetotaling. Guess it was meant to be to get me here!

Despite what my retired drinking blog reports about my history with alcohol (link above), I feel strongly that I am Truly and Finally DONE DRINKING For Good! I'm So Blessed! You can't imagine it when you are in the throes of an addiction, but Life is So Much Better And Easier And Joyful Substance-Free! Don't forget, SEX is better too, and that's no lie or exaggeration! I know that is an issue for many problem drinkers or substance abusers, that fear and belief that sex won't be as good sober. Trust me, it is BETTER. I learned this over a decade ago, and it's something you can never forget or never stop cherishing! Er, I basically only have my memory to rely on as far as having sex with a person other than myself goes, but that's beside the point!

Just being honest. No shame or embarrassment in that.

I don't know what more to say about my new life at this time. Maybe I'll have more to say after I get to that coveted Day 30!

P.S. I'm feeling better about Hillary now that she's got the endorsement of people I trust: Obama, Biden, Warren, and I know Bernie is getting on board too. I see our Democrat Party getting stronger and better because of ALL that has and is happening!