Monday, June 6, 2016

Sinking Feeling About Tuesday's Election In California

Turns out the people who went to the trouble to change their voter registration from Independent to No Party Preference for the sole purpose of being able to vote for Bernie (like Bethany did), got ballots that didn't have the presidential candidates on them. Bethany re-submitted the form to request a Democrat ballot (actually, she went as far as changing her voter registration to Democrat), but as yet has not received her new ballot. Maybe she will just in time, but when I think of how many voters out there who found themselves in this situation and who, when they found out, it was too late to fix it----it scares me. I wonder how many votes we lost because of this? Sad.

  On the other hand, knowing that one of my loves voted for Hillary gives me more confidence in her.
  Her speech the other day was phenomenal.