Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Another Cool Email To One Of My Loves

  Can you call me? I've been slowly sucking on a little CBD Candy Heart since a couple hours ago. I want to know how I sound to you.
  Cuz, a voice in my head said to me, "You Don't Have To Suffer Anymore."
  And how cool would that be?! 😇
  But I'M feeling some anxiety and maybe fear.... paranoid about drinking.
  The last thing I need or want is for cannabis--which could be my saving grace--to trigger me to want to drink!
  I want to push through that, because I'm NOT going to drink. It's a DECISION I'm sticking by.
  OK, well, thanks, and will hear from you when I do!
  P.S. Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good, and excited, and hopeful, and safe, and smart, and pretty, and rich in a way, and FREE