Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cannabis Is In Our DNA?


Must See video!

  When I saw this video today I was reminded about that my med-weed doctor told me the same truth as in this video, but he couldn't tell me where to get fresh leaves. I just emailed RAW and asked them if they know. RAW is my distributor. Dr. Flynn, whom I am now really beginning to trust (I've met him twice; for annual med-weed Rx certificate), also told me about micro-dosing with edibles or tinctures (meaning the processed cannabis leaves). He told me micro-dosing is helping so many people. He told me about it specifically to help my alcohol problem (now forever to be called alcoholism!) and also ME/CFS symptoms. He told me that just a microscopic amount of CBD or THC or both as needed would help with so many things. I never ever tried that before until this week. I was never "there" yet in my mind-set. I have only been able to use cannabis along with alcohol (except for that ONE time the last time I quit drinking---but I wasn't trying micro-dosing and I used too much of the Candy Heart and got a buzz and it was challenging). Today is Day 7 alcohol-free-for-life. I have micro-dosed twice during this week. The first time was on Day 4 around 4 p.m. when I was having anxiety and other undesirable unpleasantnesses in my body. I Didn't Want To Suffer Like That! And I Didn't Want It To Make Me Want Alcohol! I remembered that I had the CBD/THC Candy Hearts. I remembered what Dr. Flynn advised me to do regarding micro-dosing. I bravely retrieved a Candy Heart from the freezer where I am storing the tins, put one in my mouth, took one lick (or suck, I guess, if you want to be technically correct), and placed it back in the tin. Well, guess what? My anxiety, etc. melted away and I felt relaxed and normal. I was GRATEFUL there was no high! I don't want the high! Now remembering that voice in my head from before, "You Don't Have To Suffer Anymore." YES! That same day I took one more lick at 7 p.m. I'm telling you, I have NO desire or cravings or thoughts for more. I have NO cravings or desires or thoughts to drink. The next day, around 4 p.m., I did another micro-dosing; the only one that day. Yesterday I had no need for it and didn't do it. Wow am I ever going to get my money's worth from those Candy Hearts! I want to try the leaves now because they are CLEARLY superior for health and give NO HIGH and you can juice them. I noticed that the second day I micro-dosed it made me really sleepy a few hours later and at the time is was inconvenient. I am taking all this into consideration. BTW, cannabis is another helper for people in getting a good night's sleep. But I don't suffer much insomnia anymore thanks mostly to Structured Water.