Sunday, August 28, 2016

Except For The Part About Not Sleeping Since I Quit Drinking!

Funny, cuz the last time I quit drinking I slept just fine!
Does my subconscious mind know that this really is the last time and it's freaking out??
LOL! I hope so!
This is Day 10 of Permanent Teetotalism and I haven't had one decent night's sleep---except when I caved a couple nights ago and took a half dose of Motrin P.M.!
Maybe I'll try Melatonin or something---it's working for a friend of mine. Although, he doesn't have a booze problem, but he was hooked on Tylenol P.M. for years and just quit.
I can't wait to get my sleep back!
Although, I'm not complaining!
I'm So Fucking Grateful To Be OFF Alcohol!
I'll take the return of insomnia any day over that poison-to-me!
I used to have bad insomnia like all my friends with ME/CFS, until Structured Water came into my life, plus important supplements including the right vitamins, minerals and herbs.
I'm doing a bit of micro-dosing with CBD/THC as I posted earlier, but unfortunately for me it's not helping my sleep.
Thanks for listening to the ramblings of a sleep-deprived woman!