Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hanging Tough

It's not exactly easy to be in new sobriety that you intend to be permanent, and to be experimenting with micro-dosing cannabis for healing; when you are going it alone.

I did just find one friend who successfully switched from alcohol to cannabis three years ago!

Thank GodGoddessUniverse for Ziggy!

I tried to find support at an organization I now loathe as much as CultAA: WFS (Women For Sobriety) online.

I was ganged-up on by 16 moderators for trying to talk about micro-dosing medicinal cannabis under a doctor's supervision. And they call themselves 4C women: Capable, Competent, Caring, Compassionate! What a JOKE. They are perfectly OK with people posting about doctor prescribed opioids and other mind-affecting drugs though!

It just happened this morning and it still hurts! They were so cruel! And they said things about me that were untrue. And I didn't even break any WFS Rules because I read them before I posted!

I don't think I'll be finding any sobriety organizations that support me. The world is still so ignorant when it comes to Mother Nature's Healing Herb.

No worries! Quitting an addiction really is an inside job. And the best and smartest people do it all on their own!

TGGU for Ziggy though, who I found at WFS (now called by her and me What Fucking Shit!)

Day 12 Alcohol-Free! 