Monday, August 22, 2016

I'm An Alcoholic

Haven't called myself that for years. When I left CultAA several years ago and needed lots of time to deprogram from said cult, I needed to refer to myself as anything but an alcoholic, and usually just said problem drinker.

But note: it doesn't matter what you call it/it doesn't matter what we call ourselves; we who can't drink.

I'm very comfortable again saying that I'm an alcoholic.

It's very interesting that we come in so many variations.

Just because I have enjoyed long periods of sobriety, just because I never drank every day, just because I didn't drink half as much as most confessed problem drinkers, just because I was successfully able to moderate often-----and I'm still an alcoholic.

Good to know!

It's in my genes.

There's no cure. There's no going back. I'll never be able to drink normally for very long.

This could be it for me---this could be the time in my life I stay STOPPED drinking and never take a drink again.

How Cool Would That Be?!!

Day 4 for me of my new life. I think is going to be a good match for me for sobriety support!