Monday, August 29, 2016

Micro-Dosing Might Genuinely Be Saving My Life!

No lie.

After decades of being in and out of sobriety, and now desperately not ever wanting to drink again because alcohol was slowly killing me and was causing me great suffering on many levels;

micro-dosing CBD/THC might be my ticket to life-long freedom from alcohol and suffering!

Is there anyone reading this who made the switch from booze to pot and is living happily ever after because of it? (You can email me.)

I'm not using cannabis to get high, but if you are that's OK!

With my MedWeed doctor's guidance I am micro-dosing to SAFELY:

alleviate anxiety
alleviate stress
alleviate cravings to drink
alleviate thoughts to drink
as medicine for symptoms of my illnesses

How Cool Is That?!

It's been working so very well for me thus far. I've utilized this tool on five of the 10 days I've been sober. Today is Day 11 alcohol-free-for-life. (GodGoddessUniverse Willing And The Creek Don't Rise!)

I do think I'll be able to enjoy getting high on marijuana in the near future once in awhile. But for now it's not on my agenda. Recovery is on my agenda. Getting used to this new paradigm is on my agenda. Not suffering is on my agenda. Being Sobrietist is on my agenda. And, yes, you can be a sobrietist and still use substances as long as you are using them very moderately and healthfully. That word has to be defined by each person for themselves.