Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wow! Didn't See That Coming!

It's good news. It's a happy ending. 

And jumping ahead to the moral of the story:  I seem to finally be on my true path for sobriety. Because in a very short time life has gotten better and will probably continue to get better and more rewarding. 

After the unfortunate fiasco of yesterday what ended up happening is that I found a few new friends on similar paths as me (replacing booze with pot. I'm the only one I know of micro-dosing), one friend from WFS (Women For Sobriety) who saw my cannabis post before it was deleted, and a couple more people from my Facebook HAMS group (HarmReduction Abstinence Moderation Support), and also, via the founder of HAMS, a Facebook group solely for people similar to me...

So, hours later, feeling strong and confident and ready to face whatever new flack awaited me at WFS (now fondly called by me and a friend: What Fucking Shit), I logged in so I could cancel my membership.

To my amazement not only were there no more unfortunate messaages for me, but, apparently, in response to my pm's to the moderators, and my post at the group I had joined, there was nothing but an outpouring of love, support, and people asking me not to leave!

You know, as long as I don't mention the "c" word!  LOL

There are clearly a great bunch of sober women there---some on meds including opioids and benzos (used not to get high but to treat conditions), and whom are allowed to talk about their meds, and I think I will benefit from hanging around, and I think they will benefit from me too. Even if I don't get to talk about my meds!  (silly, silly world!) But now I do have safe places to talk about my micro-dosing, which continues to go very well!

I don't get high. I swear, one tiny CBD/THC Candy Heart is going to last me for at least two weeks! (They are designed to eat a whole one at a time.)

It smooths the edges of anxiety, depression if I have it (I don't but I do get down), and I seem to think it's calming whatever ADD I have!! My thoughts calm down. Nice! I've long suspected I have ADD.

I'm A Very....