Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Bit Of Proof That Cannabis Is Indeed In Our DNA?

And this webinar has absolutely nothing to do with cannabis!

It's with Dr. Maureen Hanson of Cornell University about new research regardomg ME/CFS.

This chart shows what tests revealed about some metabolic factors ME/CFS patients are deficient in.
Notice the 7th one down in the box in the left bottom corner: Endocannabionoids

A while back I posted a video that talks about, among other things, cannabis being in our DNA. That was the first I'd heard about that.

And I learned recently that the raw leaves are a vegetable. Now, if cannabis is both vegetable and herb, well, it has to be a whole lot more than that if it's in our DNA! Yes? That's my personal knowing.

All I know is that in less than a month of microdosing, I am better in many ways!

"And you can too!'  (It'll be legal everywhere one fine day!)