Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I Just Can't Express Enough How GRATEFUL I Am To Cannabis

Because I've been in and out of sobriety from alcohol too many times to count, it goes without saying how vulnerable my sobriety is.

But not any more??


And to think! I've been somewhat afraid of cannabis for a couple years because it gets such an erroneous bad wrap. But I digress.

Gosh, I even had up to five years substance-free when I was pregnant and nursing. And I've had a two-year stint, and at least one one-year period of no booze (or pot, but I really hadn't been a user since my 20s. I'm pushing 60 now. And I haven't used other drugs like cocaine and LSD since my 20s, nor will I again.). And then I've had countless consecutive months sober. And even more weeks at a time.

And I Always Took Up Drinking Again Eventually.

Gosh, it reminds me of how I stayed so long with an abusive FOO, and had multiple estrangements before I finally freed myself for life.

Like my FOO, booze provided, so to say, love and abuse in the same package. It was the love part that kept me close to all of it.

And I do miss my FOO+, and I do miss booze---especially in this first 30 days.
It's so funny how we can miss something or someone that is so bad for us, isn't it.
So then it just becomes a matter of always remembering the mighty bad stuff to keep you strong in your decision to stay away.

And now I have found my true drug of choice---and I suppose most adults have one of those! It's a drug of choice I won't get addicted to and that I easily control and that is actually good for me!

Even yummy, delightful coffee has no hold on me and I have been drinking only 8 oz. a day for several years. I used to drink two or three times that much. But I digress!

I'm thinking that if not for microdosing entering my life I'd be in danger of drinking again.

It's funny that I'd been hoping I could replace booze with pot for over two years, but didn't see how it could ever happen, and now it has happened!

I seem to have needed a substitute for drinking. Given that I don't take meds, for one thing.

I seem to have needed a drug of choice I could call my own. For my husband, a couple beers now and then does the trick. Probably coffee is his true D.O.C.!

I'm Just So GRATEFUL For The Green Dragon, as one of my friends calls her cannabis! She's been happily off booze for 3 years.

I'm Just SO GRATEFUL!!! :D

I still don't use it to get high, I use it to treat symptoms, physical and psychological. I got a tiny bit high once thus far when I decided to smoke a bit of bud in my vape pen. It was a weekend night and I enjoyed it. It helped me sleep as it was an Indica. Best thing of all: It Didn't Trigger Me To Want To Drink---which is the first time this (happy) thing happened!

I sure wish I could get the fresh leaves to juice and put in my salads for healing with zero high!