Monday, September 19, 2016

Just A Thank You To My Readers : )

As a writer I do so appreciate you, my readers!
And I'm glad you seem to appreciate my blogging style of no comments and no followers.
Since my blog is like a living journal to me, who needs comments or followers?   
I prefer allowing people to sign-up for an email subscription because that way I have no idea who's reading me. I don't like the feeling of keeping track of things like that cuz it feels like I'm keeping score.
You are welcome to email me anytime though.

And I want to say something else. I want to give a shout-out to my Loves!

I know I will need help from time to time being talked out of drinking when I miss it and think I want to drink and think that it's OK to. Especially because of being constantly bombarded with all the "glamorous" drinking on TV shows and movies and Netflix and AmazonPrime. But my Saving Grace will be my ability to LISTEN and INTERNALIZE what my loves are telling me. And nevermore to question or debate in my head what they say to me when I lean on them.
 I noticed this brand new skill and mindset those three days last week I wanted to drink. It was GREAT. It was POWERFUL. It saved my ass.​