Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ode To Alcohol

I Miss The Crazy
Sanity Doesn't Feel Comfortable Yet
It's Going To Take Some Time
I Didn't Realize How Crazy Drinking Was Until Now
I Couldn't See How Crazy It Made Me
All The THINKING About Drinking
All The Hiding And Sneaking Drinking
The Sometimes Drunk-Dialing That Was Always Regretful For All Concerned
The Last Time I Drank--The Mental Break Down
Crying Jags All Over The Property, Inside And Out, With Richard Looking After Me
Laboring Over How Much I Wanted To Die And That I Couldn't Take Life Anymore
Getting Sick
The Almost Every Time I Drank Night Horrors
Many Panic Attacks Throughout The Night
Racing Heart
Having To Drag My Sick Body Out Of Bed Many Times To Pee
God Knows What Else
HATING Myself In The Morning, No Matter How Much Fun I May Have Had While Drinking
Constantly Restrategizing My Drinking
Oh! How Could I Forget My Favorite?: DRUNK DRIVING To Get More Booze!


Here's a cool free book I'm reading about making the switch to cannabis. For me it's microdosing so as not to get high at this time. It's working. It's a gift. It's healing so many things.

Here's the amazing thing. For me so far, a small Candy Heart that is 5 mgs. CBD/5 mgs. THC and is considered one serving/dose----has lasted me for 27 doses thus far during the past 2+ weeks! It's not even finished yet, there's still more of it left! I think that is incredible! (and talk about getting one's money's worth! woot!).