Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Shocking Revelation! I'm Absolutely Horrified! And I Have To Retire THIS Blog Too!

I just became aware that this blog information has been available PUBLICLY on my Facebook account.

I'm feeling pain in my neck and knots in my stomach over this horrifying discovery.

This means my fucking FOO has had knowledge of and access to my blog.

Because I changed my settings in Facebook months ago to FRIENDS ONLY being able to see my posts, I thought I was safe. Boy was I woefully mistaken. I just figured out that the public has access to all my information; everything in About and all my Photos. I could vomit right now.

I added my blog URL to my workplace info a while ago, never thinking for one second that my FOO could see it.

And I just deleted my blog URL from my Facebook.

I have to sacrifice this blog too! I know without doubt that my nosy, sneaky ex-sister will have definitely been spying on me all this time, and broadcasting to everyone about all my private and personal details and writings!!!!!!!!

They have been able to read my entire blog!

I NEED to be FREE of them!!! I orphaned myself for supremely good and healthy reasons! Because they gave me no choice!!! I was finally FREE and getting genuinely HAPPY and taking my PERSONAL POWER BACK that I had given those ignorant, misguided, hurtful, abusive shit-heads my whole life!!!

I feel so STUPID and so SORRY that I unwittingly gave them access to my most personal and sacred parts of myself!

I feel so SAD!!!
And MAD!!!

Mother Fucking Damn It!!!!!!!

This is a major setback and oh so very disappointing. I should delete the entire blog, but what difference does it make now? She's already read everything.

MAN did I ever blow it.

As you know very well by now, I only wish my FOO+ well. I just can't ever go back to them. My ex-sister betrayed my trust again a while ago by sending me a postcard in the mail about some bullshit and the whole thing was very, very hurtful to me. WHEN WILL THEY LEAVE US ALONE?! Of course I burned it. And of course, I snapped right back to my very happy, free, peaceful, growing-in-self-love self. And I will do that again soon after publishing this post! I'll recover and move on.

Again, I have told those people clearly and explicitly multiple times not to contact any of us again unless it's to FEEL DEAL HEAL. I know now that will never happen because I finally learned the cold, hard truth that they are incapable of even apologizing, let alone admitting the abuse I suffered.