Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The BITCH Is Back! (Damn Her!)

Just when I thought I was finally safe from the toxic grip of my FOO.
But NO.
They will NEVER stop hurting me!!!!!!!!
They don't even know HOW to.
No matter that I made it explicitly CLEAR umpteen times Months ago NEVER to contact us again UNLESS it's to talk about What Happened and Deal with it in order to bring Healing and Reunion!
Got a fuckin post card from my fuckin ex-sister today.
Something SO Hurtful!!!!!!!!
They all know they can't call me or email me or snail-mail a letter. I won't allow it.
My first thought was, "Oh No"
My second thought was, "She loves me and is trying to reach out." But it was an insulting attempt on her part. And I'm solidly grounded in my orphanhood because going back to FOO would be like going back to drinking!!!!!!!!!!!
My third and lasting thought was of utter anger and pain and sadness and depression!
I needed a practically emergency therapeutic phone call with Richard!
"Burn It!" He said! "OK!"
It's a good thing I was already depressed or she would have ruined a happy day.
Been depressed for two days.
This Too Shall Pass.

Grateful for my life-saving memoir-in-progress. Definitely a journey in healing.