Thursday, September 1, 2016

The pm I Just Sent One Of The Moderators At WFS

She is in the group I joined at the WFS (Women For Sobriety or What Fucking Shit!, depending).
If she responds, tomorrow I will post that. "c" stands for the unmentionable-there word cannabis.

   How are you? It's me, "c" girl!
      I hope you don't mind if I lean on your shoulder for a minute.
      First of all, I'm very grateful to be embraced by the FABS, and I'm even more grateful for my sobriety! GOSH it feels good not to wake up hating myself!!! I know you resonate!
      GOSH it feels good to feel finally, and I do mean finally, FREE of that poison-to-me, alcohol.
      May It Last For Life
      I try very hard to be a kind person (and 4C for that matter!), so I don't want to get discordant or nit-picky here. I just need to express my lingering feelings of hurt to someone safe. I feel that is you.
      I'm afraid that the Admin's comments and the comments from the moderators in the pm's truly made me feel bad about myself. I was feeling so good about myself, so smart, so confident, so grateful on my new path before the MISTAKE happened. I do still Trust Myself very much right now, and my healthy, healing practices are going Very well. (I'm just so sorry that most people don't have a clue about the truth about how brilliant and beneficial what I'm doing is. It could help SO MANY more people.)
       Like when I posted that video in response to Louise's query. I wasn't thinking about the politics of the video, I was thinking about the teaching in it that fresh cannabis leaves, eating them, is like eating any other leafy veggie---absolutely no high---but better because they HEAL the body! 
       Anyway, I'm pretty sure you understand that now.
       But since most people don't have access to the leaves, even in legal states, microdosing with CBD and/or THC is the next best thing and won't make you high in micro doses. It's just a healthy option compared to opioids, benzos, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds, muscle relaxant meds. I know many women are prescribed these and that they mention them on the boards from time to time and are allowed to.
       Anyway, I'm just bummed that no one thought they owed me an apology, because I am wanting to apologize to them for my part in the problem. And I'm sorry I still feel like I'm not really welcome or understood at WFS as a whole. It kinda feels like I'm being "watched" by all 16 of those moderators. Ew!

       I'm trying to keep this short for you, so I'll stop now. Thank You for listening and hopefully understanding.